Study abroad

Sharing new experiences, learning in new surroundings and meeting new colleagues are all part of learning outside of one’s “comfort zone.” For dental students, the exposure to different ways of solving problems and providing solutions can be life changing.

The VCU Dental School study abroad program offer students global opportunities to gain new perspectives on their lives and professional development.

Dental students in Brazil


Dental students participate in an exchange program to promote cooperation in the fields of teaching and research through a partnership between VCU and Univille University in Joinville, Brazil.

Exchange students from China


Through an exchange program in partnership with the Stomatological Hospital in Qingdao, China, dental students participate in an exchange program to perform dentistry and practice langage skills through interactions with students and faculty.

VCU students in Slovenia


Through a partnership with the University of Ljubljana School of Dentistry, the Slovenia Study Abroad Program is available to fourth-year dental students who are required to meet a number of criteria including academic standing and a strong service history.